Why Us?

Star Capital is a disciplined and efficient investor. We look for firms that have an opportunity to deploy capital on an efficient basis to significantly alter their growth trajectory and create value for the founders, managers, and owners of the businesses. Focusing teams on specific sectors magnifies Star Capital's structure and network. Our deep industry knowledge and rigorous due diligence enable the firm to identify attractive assets with the potential to generate superior investment returns.

  • Business Services
  • Distribution / Supply Chain
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate

Our Executive Team

We are a team committed to helping creative and driven entrepreneurs build companies that last.
Each of our corporate officers brings a unique blend of leadership, vision, experience and creative energy to the company.


2014 was a busy year for global capital markets community. Below are some of the key statistics from 2014 capital market performance.

US$ billion raised
US$ billion raised
(private equity)
US$ trillion
(capital available)

We think outside the box

At Star Capital we believe in effective business. We believe in creativity and thinking outside the box. We believe in capital markets. We believe in business owners and entrepreneurs. We believe there are opportunities to tie all of these together. In short, we believe in YOU!

  • Human capital
  • Market opportunity
  • Go to market strategy
  • Growth potential
  • Competitive advantage
  • Exit strategy