There are various investment categories and several avenues that are available for investors to immigrate to United States. The quickest, direct and most popular of all immigrant visa plans is the EB 5 immigrant visa category. It allows a qualified investor to make an investment of either $ 1 million or $ 500,000 (if the investment is in a rural area or high unemployment area) via a USCIS designated Regional Center or a direct investment. The investment must result in full-time employment for ten US employees within two years of the investment. Fulfillment of the above stated conditions can result in permanent residency for the investor and his or her qualified family members.

For investors seeking a passive investment and a minimal role in the venture, investment via the Regional Center is a great option. It is also ideal for investors who are primarily making an investment to earn permanent residency. Once the investment is made, the entire burden of fulfilling USCIS requirements falls upon the Regional Center and the investor can conduct his or her business in the United States free of stress.

A Direct EB 5 investment is ideal for an individual investor who is seeking active involvement in his or her investment, is interested in exercising day-day managerial control over the new commercial enterprise and is certain that the business will create the ten full time jobs without relying on any external factors. It offers the investor a wider range of exit strategies and higher returns on the investment.

The primary difference in the two types of investment is that investments made via the Regional Center can make use of direct and indirect job creation methods to fulfill USCIS requirements. Whereas, all employment created as a result of the direct investment must be direct jobs.

Some of the other immigration options available to investors seeking to immigrate to United States are the Intra-Company Transfer Visas, Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor visas. For further information regarding these immigration options please visit our partner law firm’s immigration website. immigration website. For assistance in exploring the best pathway to immigrating to United States for you and your family members please contact our expert advisors.